Posted on 29-Jun-2020

Ceabhar Restaurant and Bun Dubh Crafty Enviropunk Brewing.

2020 we planned a huge change in our business evolution. We stopped making the guest house available for groups in 2019 to start the metamorphosis.
We now, live there full time (at long last) in the dust and debris! At the same time we are still nurturing our toddler brewery development as it learns to act like a proper stand alone brew house. So, hey yeah, conversion legals are all sorted and since then, we have torn down the walls and built the grúdlann! Now we are doing the rest of the conversion and can hopefully see a light at the end of the current darkness.
Sadly, at this point in time. (June 29th, 2020) with COVID and our community commitments we just cannot see how the Restaurant will be opening again this year.
We are monitoring and reviewing and will notify if things get better. Friends we send love to you all, stay safe and don’t take risks in this scary new world,,,, DuncnPol, 🥺🌱
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